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Customer satisfaction is the core of making your business profitable. You need logistics that make your customers happy. From ordering to delivery. Now and in the future. Zimply’s experienced logistics consultants perform detailed analyzes of all or parts of your business and then build logistics solutions that deliver results. Delivery is the key word for both you and us.

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Together, we create effective solutions that deliver results for your company. Zimply has the privilege of being able to offer you a wide range of expertise in logistics, as several of our consultants have close to 25 years of experience in the industry. Several of us have held leading roles in the logistics industry. We are operational logistics managers, analysts, advisors, project managers, coordinators and setters for retail and e-commerce in industries with a focus on, among other things, home electronics, clothing, gardening, agriculture, furniture, healthcare, sports, and books.

E-commerce logistics has quickly changed the digital agenda, and it is required that we be innovative and flexible to follow the development both now and into the future.

Zimply’s consultants have together run many comprehensive logistics projects that have included advanced technology, system solutions and comprehensive processes. These projects have been tailored in detail to give businesses the best efficiency. We have also worked with more uncomplicated and quickly implemented logistics solutions and can therefore quickly determine the degree of logistics assistance your business needs. Our number one priority is to deliver modern logistics solutions that provide increased profitability for you. Book a consultation with us and we’ll tell you what you need to improve your logistics.

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We have already helped many companies towards increased profitability. Contact Andreas Thimour and we will discuss a possible solution for you!

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