Automation as a competitive advantage

We see a clear trend that more e-retailers are realizing the value of adding automation solutions to their logistics. You need to meet customer requirements with, among other things, faster deliveries and thus transform your logistics into a competitive advantage. Automated tools and processes also increase operational reliability and provide many benefits in addition to reduced operating costs.

Why is automation needed in the business?

  • Automation reduces the time required for picking, as the operators receive the goods instead of picking up the goods at different shelves.
  • Automation improves ergonomics for employees, as elements such as monotonous work, stressful working postures and the amount of manual lifting are reduced.
  • Automation provides higher precision and quality in the picking step, as the error picking is reduced. This reduces costs for both returns and the business's customer service.
  • Automation makes it easier for you to put new employees into the business, as the training is simplified with the standardized processes.
  • Automation provides maximum efficiently used storage space, which means the possibility of:
    • fewer square meters of storage space in your business or
    • an increase in the storage capacity of the existing surface so that you do not have to tie up resources in external storage. 
  • Automation provides greater product and balance security, as:
    • standardized and automated processes reduce the risk of picking errors,
    • the products are stored in a more closed system and there is a reduced risk of theft,
    • the products are stored in their given place in a system which provides great control as well as order,
    • the products are more protected from dust and dirt, and are protected so that the amount of damaged goods is reduced.

What can we help you with?

Business screening and requirement specification

In order to be able to implement the most efficient solution in your business, we conduct a business screening of your logistics and your conditions. In most cases, some form of automation is a good idea, while in other cases it is not the most optimal solution. We identify the conditions of your business and advise you against implementing automation if it is not considered to bring enough benefits to your business.

If we assess that automated inventory management can increase the efficiency of your business, we investigate which type of automation would give your business the most benefits and at what time the automation implementation will be most profitable. We review the requirements specification for your logistics in the current situation and with an estimated future situation.

Master data and systems

To make the most of automation, we must create the right conditions. We ensure that you get better control of your master data in your own business system and help you with integration to warehousing and transport administration systems for an efficient information flow in the automation solution.

What type of automation solution?

Whether you need a top-loaded matrix solution such as an AutoStore, a classic shuttle solution, a conveyor belt or a machine that raises cardboard in connection with the packing step, we have experience of various automation solutions and contacts with most suppliers in these areas. We help you with requirement specifications for the suppliers, to prevent unnecessary surprises when implementing the automation solution. An automated warehouse solution also requires qualitative warehouse management, which we therefore also ensure is established in the solution.

Logistics are becoming increasingly automated and rapidly changing. Is automation the key to increased efficiency in your business? Contact us if you are curious to find our more about automation. We will help you - one step at a time, all the way


“We see that the customers who run their own logistics are moving towards an automated business and we help them with the choice of the correct technology. Buying behavior is changing rapidly and many of our customers experience that logistics costs increase in an inexplicable way. We guide them to new solutions. The whole answer is not technology. We also need new processes and a new organization so that you can meet the new world.”
Andreas Thimour, CEO, Zimply