Streamline your business with the world's most widely used IT plattform

Excel is the world's most widely used spreadsheet program and is used to analyze, manage and share information. It's common for organizations and companies to create different types of reports in Excel - everything from budget and forecast, to key ratios, GANTT schedules and cash slow analyzes. 

The program is built to handle large amounts of data where you can create complex calculations using formulas. You can also visualize data in different diagrams. Most users make use of only a fraction of all the features available in Excel, but there are many built-in tools that can be extremely helpful - such as search and filtering functions, pivot tables and conditional formatting. 

By reusing Excel's built-in functionality, we can create customized systems in a fraction of the time compared to system development in other technologies. Excel also has the advantage of being a well-known interface where you as a user feel at home in the environment.

Why work with Excel? 

  • Excel is effective to use for creating decision basis, calculation or compilation. 
  • Excel can also be used as a platform for developing systems that are fully adapted to the business conditions and needs.
  • The vast majority of users are familiar with the Excel environment and therefore easily understand how the program works.

We can help you! 

We have long experience of developing tools in Excel. We help you with the further development and maintenance of existing Excel models as well as the design and development of completely new systems.

  • Coaching in Excel: If you're stuck and don't know how to proceed - we can help you. 
  • Education in Excel: We can teach you the basics in Excel, as well as the more advanced features. 
  • Building models: If you want help building models, we can help you build them. You can use these models as a basis for meetings or dialogues. 

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