Hudoteket is a skincare and cosmetics company based in Jönköping whose e-commerce grows rapidly. Aside from their stores and care facilities, their e-commerce distribution centre is also located in the central parts of Jönköping


Their main challenges were:

  • They were on the verge of outgrowing their current warehouse and in need of more inventory space
  • Sub-optimal picking & packing processes
  • Coping problems during high volume periods such as Black Friday
  • Increasing number of miss picks


  • A restructuring of the warehouse layout facilitated an increase of shelfs and shelf space which increased inventory capacity with 90%
  • The new layout is flexible which allows for further increases in capacity
  • New picking & packing process which increased efficiency by 80% for a suboperation that previously constituted a bottle neck in production
  • The new process also increased controls of orders in order to lower fault rates