Do you need help with the operated part of your logistics? 

Are you looking for a 3PL partner that offers services such as warehousing, picking & packing, inbound delivery & receiving handling, processing & repackaging, returns management or dropshipping?


Our affiliated company 1337 Logistics can help you with that. 

1337 Logistics has a state-of-the-art, automated warehouse in Värnamo where they can help you with your logistics - all of it or just some parts. Their new warehouse with an AutoStore facility has the superstrategic location where the E4 meets highway 27 - and thanks to that they can reach as much as 80 percent of the Nordic population in less than 24 hours. By delivering an automation solution in a 3PL industry where automation is not extensive, 1337 Logistics gives the opportunity for start-ups to use high-quality technology. They also have a super simple pricing model.

Does it sound interesting?

Great! Visit their website for more information.