Process Mapping

Improve your business with a process mapping

Process mapping, just as the name reveals, means visualizing the processes within the business. A process can be described as a series of coherent activities that transform inputs into a more refined output. 

Process mapping allow you to visualize the workflow and can provide necessary information regarding how your business really work in its entirety - regardless of functional boundaries. By describing your business using process maps, you can easily understand how various departments of the business create value for the customer and how the department are related to each other. 

There are many ways you can map a process. An effective way is to visualize the flow from input to output. By describing the resources, requirements and risks associated with each activity, it becomes clear how the process flow is affected by a variety of factors. 

Why should you work with process mapping?

There are several reasons why process mapping can improve and develop your business. 

  • A process mapping will create a consensus within the company. The employees will gain greater understanding of how they can contribute to the company. 
  • You get engaged employees who pull in the same direction. 
  • Areas for improvement can be identified and bottlenecks can thus be removed. 
  • You can reduce costs and get higher efficiency. 

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