Systems - Work Zimply

This is the system for you who wants a lift in productivity and full control over your warehouse operation. Work Zimply is based on modules, where all five modules can be used separately or together - pick and choose or use them all. Your choice!

The five modules all focus on different elements and when they are used together they create the means for a learning process within the operation (Plan - Do - Review).


Receives information from the ERP system and uses that to create a prognosis for the work that needs to be undertaken. The system accounts for historical data (how was the outcome last year, last month, last week), patterns (how does Mondays compare to other weekdays), and future (what type of campaigns are planned, growth curves). This module facilitates longer term planning i.e. the strategic planning.


This is the module where the game plan is created and resources and tools needed for the work at hand is allocated. You can easily call upon extra personnel through text messages or e-mails and receive verification of their attendance. The plan can easily be published on screens so that the staff can see what to do, when to do it and what tools to use. 


This is where you can track the work that is being done, LIVE. It shows you how you are doing over all, how you are pacing towards todays goals. You can zoom in on specific processes, track if shipments will be able to leave on time etc. These functions provides a great overview of your operations, but it also provides opportunities for rapid interventions when things do not follow the plan. Perhaps you can divert resources from an area where you are ahead to where it is of higher importance or it allows you to prioritise better on the fly during the shift.

Target Reports

This is where you monitor and follow up the performance of your logistics operation. In short, your level of efficiency and quality presented in a clear and easy to use environment. You can easily follow up your operation on all levels - the entire warehouse, per shift, team, process, activity and individual. You can also compare and contrast different shift against one another or do the same for different zones. It gives you quick access to time spent on non-core activities i.e. meetings, cleaning, training, union specific tasks etc. You can also follow up on sick leave, vacations and other causes of absence. In short, it gives you complete control over your warehouse!


In this module you can simulate changes you are thinking about implementing, for example workflow adjustment in a particular process. The ability to simulate changes drastically reduces the risks associated with changes in practices as weaknesses and bottlenecks can be detected, analyzed and corrected on a very early stage.

Easy - Available - Zimply

Just like with all our systems solutions, you buy Work Zimply on a subscription. That means no massive upfront investments - It is easy to integrate into a variety of ERPs. Take control over your logistics department NOW!