Technical Support

We provide technical support that can help your business to grow

It's not always easy to know which system that is the right one for your business, or which aspects that are important to consider when investing in a new system. 

At Zimply, we have long experience of technology and system solutions within the logistics sector, and we can therefore help you by providing technical support in crucial moments. 

We can help you! 

We can help you with various tasks in technology and systems.

  • Mapping of your systems 
  • Choosing of system and the landscape 
  • Specifications of requirements
  • Support in negotiations 
  • Testing 
  • Support during implementation 
  • Education and evaluation 

Do you need help with something else that is not on the list? 

Contact us!

Contact us and we can take a moment to sit down together to discuss what you need help with. We got your back!