Transport solutions

Let us give you the best transport solution 

For many companies, a good transport solution is primarily associated with low transport prices. Development work thus often stops at annual price negotiations with current transport suppliers, where success is measured in percentage price reductions. Of course, the price level is an important part of reaching a cost-effective solution, but there is more to it. You also need the right solution, not just the cheapest. 

With our extensive knowledge and experience from the logistics-transport industry, we can optimize your transport solution based on demand, service and cost. By analyzing data from incoming and outgoing orders, we can design the most suitable transport arrangement that meets both your and your customers' expectations. With our transport solutions, your company will remain service-oriented and reliable while giving you full transparency of the transport solution. We will also reduce your transport costs. 

We can help you! 

We can help you with the various steps that apply to transport solution - from pre-study and status analysis, to operational control. Our logistics consultants can also help you with decision support or negotiation support in transport procurements. In short, we can help you with most transport solutions. 

We have listed some different steps we can help you with, if you start working with us: 

  • Pre-study
  • Negotiation support 
  • Management information
  • Cost-effective transport 
  • New services 
  • Management in operation 

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