Video routines

Create a understanding among employees with our video routines 

Today, almost all companies around the world use routines in some way. Routines are a procedure that is determined in advanced, in order for the employees to perform the tasks they are handed, safely and with a consistent quality. 

This is an effective way to get both employers and employees at the workplace to gain an understanding of the various work tasks. Often these routines consists of a lot of documents - checklists, texts and pictures. It may not always be the most fun or most effective method to get the employees to understand. 

That's why we have decided to do it a little bit different. Instead of a lot of documents, we have created educational and simple video routines where you and your employees easily can follow the work process - step by step. You can pause if you miss something, or fast forward if you already know how to do a step. Isn't that just perfect? 

Do you have many different systems and programs in your company that the employees need to learn? Or maybe you have a number of new employees starting at your company and you don't know how to educate them? Don't worry. We will help you. 

Why work with video routines?

Our video routines is a easy, visual and understandable way for employees to learn the routines required to do the job. It is an easy way to explain complicated systems and programs. And the best of all: employees can look at it over and over - until they really understand the approach.

We can help you! 

We will help you create video routines. You choose what you want us to explain - work areas, systems or programs - and we promise to provide educational and easy-to-use movies that can be used as an effective educational material. 

Contact us! 

Contact us and we will help you create the best video routines possible. We promise.