We are Zimply

And we want to revolutionise the logistics industry.

Our vision

We strive to improve, simplify, streamline and revolutionise the industry of logistics. We will help you create and implement the best solutions for your company's needs. We are your number one partner when you seek to improve your logistics! Contact us

Our mission

Zimply Solved offers a brand-new type of logistics solution. We modernise and enhance the logistics for all companies and provide tools that serve to find each company's unique potential for improvement.

Our solution is built to meet the global market within retail and E-commerce. We provide services and solutions for all aspects of your logistics ranging from consulting services, to systems and 7PL.

Our solutions provides full transparency of all costs throughout the value chain through innovative models - Always putting the customer in the centre.


The Zimply team

Zimply consists of a team of goal-oriented, sharp and creative individuals who work in the place they themselves believe works best for our assignments.

Andreas Thimour

Chief Executive Officer andreas.thimour@zimplysolved.se
+46-728 53 51 81

Roger Hallberg

Chief Operating Officer roger.hallberg@zimplysolved.se
+46-728 53 51 82

Robert Johansson

Chief Information Officer robert.johansson@zimplysolved.se
+46-728 53 51 83

Cuong Lien

Chief Commercial Officer cuong.lien@zimplysolved.se
+46-728 53 51 84

Josefin Karlsson

Chief Innovations Officer josefin.karlsson@zimplysolved.se
+46-728 53 51 85